Kayla and Chris are such an inspiration to couples. I love the transparency and passion that they provide while telling their story. Glad to have them on our team!

Dr. Rodney and Shalonda Dulin of Texas

My family has been so blessed by the incredible back story of Chris and Kayla Adams.  We were able look at God's grace and mercy through their incredible challenges and reflect on our own issues, realizing that they are minuscule in comparison. Their selfless sharing of their journey will bless many. Thank you for letting the Lord use you!

Michael & Niphateria of Texas

Kayla Tucker Adams offers good impartial advise that helps you understand your spouse's point of view. She's a great listener and helps find a compromise that satisfies both of us. I've been married 17 years and Kayla has coached us through challenges when we couldn't see eye to eye. 

Tasha of Texas

Succeeding with a blended family comes with its own share of challenges, in addition to those of a ‘traditional marriage’, which Kayla Tucker Adams has helped me navigate.  She offers fair guidance to help redirect and/or maintain the focus of the family, as a whole.    

Allison of Texas

The relationship advice I've gotten from Kayla Tucker Adams helped me to be honest with myself about who I am and recognize the difference between what I want in/from a man in contrast to what I really need/want from the man God has chosen for me. She helped me to acknowledge that I was in love with an "idea of a perfect man" and encouraged me to become as strong, open, faithful, spiritual, mature and forgiving as I was asking someone else to be. Her counseling and spiritual guidance gave me the strength to reconcile with the only man I have genuinely loved and I'm currently on the road to forever! 

Chris of Texas